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Strategic support for journalists and nonprofit leaders who want to change things.

"Adam’s support went above and beyond what we hoped for. He provided deeply insightful revenue & market analyses that changed the way we saw our own organisation."

David Schraven


“Evenly Distributed boosted my ability to reach others in nonprofit journalism and my confidence. Their expertise helped me to do some of my best funding work."

"Adam synthesises complex information & delivers concrete & practical advice, identifying opportunities & challenges before they arise. His coaching was indispensable."

Ariadne Papagapitos

Lighthouse Reports

"Adam is always a few steps ahead. I love how his combination of tools and frameworks complement his experience and how his support is centred around me as a person.”

“2024 will see the quickened rise of innovative, unfamiliar, and even uncomfortable revenue streams for Europe’s nonprofits.”

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Hello, I'm Adam.

It’s tough out there. Information ecosystems are overwhelmed. Teams are exhausted. The global nonprofit revenue landscape is shifting dramatically. Philanthropy has been changed by events like the pandemic, Trump, Brexit, and the invasion of Ukraine. Traditional donation drives now compete with offers from The New York Times, the Substackerati, and myriad Patreon creators.

Journalism and social change organisations are hit hardest by these shifts, leading to reduced activities, overworked teams, and mission drift. Traditional strategic planning is falling short in an uncertain environment, and new revenue models falter due to a lack of experience, support, and (understandable) risk aversion.

Yet, I remain an optimist in an imperfect world. I see organisations navigate this new environment, scale their impact, and enhance team well-being. They’re deploying informed product design, getting comfortable with uncertainty, and merging purpose with profit.

They know that it's never been easier to engage people or build a creative business. They know that strong community relationships are the key to long-term viability.

At Evenly Distributed, we have been supporting these organisations to optimise and innovate income streams. As revenue experts who've raised over €30m in Europe, we’ve mentored leaders, designed creator economy products, and advised on everything from membership strategy to impact investments.

And we want you to know everything we know.

So we've developed free courses, a fundraising database, and micro-consultancy packages. Coming soon are AI tools, a supportive community, and even more educational resources. We’re trying to make support that is normally out of the reach of most organisations, available to everyone.

We envision a world where communities are informed, cohesive, and equitable—a world where information empowers. Despite daunting challenges, we see a future filled with hope—and we're here to support you as you build it.

Online courses & databases

Support for fundraisers

  • Free

Journalism Fundraising: Start Here

  • Course
  • 18 Lessons

Unlock your fundraising potential with this free, self-paced course created for people new to fundraising in journalism. This comprehensive course offers 18 lessons over ten hours, featuring new frameworks and insider tips we’ve used to raise over €30m. Learn to strategically identify and prioritise funders, focusing your efforts to save time and boost your chances of success.

  • €499

Journalism Fundraising Database

  • Download
  • 1 file

Discover the essential resource for journalism fundraisers in Europe: a comprehensive database of over 80 funders. Each profile includes focus areas, strategic objectives, eligibility criteria, and funding amounts. Navigate the changing landscape of journalism funding with ease. Our database saves time and uncovers new opportunities, with quarterly updates to keep your strategy streamlined and effective.

  • €599

Strategic Consultancy: One-on-One

  • Coaching session

Deepdive into your fundraising strategy & get bespoke recommendations in a comprehensive written report with a follow-up AMA video call. We'll help you understand the market, craft a compelling value proposition, & choose the right funder approach with expert guidance. Packed with actionable advice & insider knowledge, this one-on-one will improve your strategy, save you valuable time, and help you raise more money.

"Adam's input seems surprisingly simple, yet proves complex and efficient. His advice is generous, well-informed, and thoroughly practical. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

Juliana Rufus

DART Centre Europe

"Since Adam has been advising our team, we’ve set up a new European headquarters, hired our first team member, and developed a full-fledged fundraising strategy. An invaluable asset."

"Having Adam as a mentor & coach has been transformative. His wisdom, support, and fresh perspectives have not only helped me overcome obstacles but have also inspired growth and innovation."

Tanmaya Kale


"Adam synthesises complex information & delivers concrete & practical advice, identifying opportunities & challenges well before they arise. His coaching was indispensable."

Ariadne Papagapitos

Lighthouse Reports

Coaching, mentoring, and consultancy

Strategic support for people who want to change things.

Unlock your potential with bespoke coaching packages. Our approach is goal-oriented, personal, and flexible to your needs, whether it's developing products, revenue strategies, or your career. We combine mentorship with operational expertise to help you tackle immediate challenges or long-term goals.

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Buy the bundle

  • €999

Journalism Fundraising Bundle

  • Bundle
  • 3 Products

This bundle gives you everything you need to kickstart your new fundraising strategy. Includes our database (with over 80+ funders), starter course (ten hours of content), and a one-on-one consultancy package (two-page report and a video call). Streamline your efforts, discover new funding opportunities, and enhance your strategy. It's like hiring an expert fundraiser, but at a fraction of the cost.